Silvermyth In The Dark #30

Metal, Punk & Radio Talk with dj_silvermyth
Silvermyth In The Dark #30

Yes in deed there’s no respite for the might!

It’s back on track with metal, punk & radio talk with dj silvermyth podcast. On top of that it’s time to celebrate the arrival of a new spring and as such this episode is the heavy metal spring bash of the year 2017.

Tune in and spend some time with Canadian punk rockers Gnash Rambler as they feature themselves at the cost of professionalism and future babes by spending time on the mic with silvermyth in the dark podcast. Along with this you will hear smooth and harsh metal and punk tunes from bands such as Dropkick Murphy’s, Gavin Rossdale, Rammstein, Guns n’ Roses as well as more than you asked for..or could handle as always in this hour of metal/punk D.I.Y podcasting.